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entertainment planning

the importance of entertainment planning Learn about the importance of entertainment planning for events, and how a well-designed plan can help ensure that your guests have a great time. The Key Role Discover the key role that a DJ plays…
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Wedding party Thessaloniki

The sort story That wedding party in Thessaloniki started with sunglasses at 6pm and stoped at 3am If you wonder how we made it, and had party music and people dancing in an area that normally stop any music at 11pm the send me an email…
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Κάθε γαμήλιο party είναι μοναδικό

Κάθε γαμήλιο party το βλέπουμε διαφορετικά. Ο βασικότερος λόγος είναι οτι μας ζητάνε κάτι διαφορετικό. Το Σάββατο 10.9.2022 ήταν ένα απο…