Wedding party Thessaloniki

The sort story
That wedding party in Thessaloniki started with sunglasses at 6pm and stoped at 3am
If you wonder how we made it, and had party music and people dancing in an area that normally stop any music at 11pm the send me an email and i’ll be glad to help you.


About production:
-entertainment plan
-sound setup
By @wedding_jockey

DJ @dj_seitan
assistant @o_logan_

Cocktails and dreams by @_shake_me_up_

String lights by @4recordsevents

Catering by @alsoscatering

Coordinator @golden_valantw

Special thanks to
@artemix_f @isabellazab @lilianrothuizen

Wedding party Thessaloniki

The “secret” recipe for a successful wedding party.

✅Less is more (guests)
✅entertainment planning
✅wedding planning
✅small details
✅DJ booth at the best spot
✅bar next to DJ booth
✅late night snack

Irini, the bride, wrote a review at Wedding wire about their big date.


Dedicated and fun, professional and easygoing – Great outcome!

DJ-seitan is very helpful! Even though we don’t live in Greece and in the same place where the wedding was, we had very often online contact and we arranged everything with the help of Nikos concerning the entertainment part of our wedding.

Moreover, he was very kind to provide us with tips and information that helped us deal with other vendors for our wedding concerning the drinks, etc. just because he wanted to help, which we give a high value!

He was also flexible and helpful on the day itself and took initiative in the planning.

He is definitely a good music/entertainment vendor for your wedding!

Irini P. , married on 08/27/2022